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Apply for Travel Training

To apply for Travel Training, please complete our online form. We'll get in touch within 10 working days (this may be longer between June and September) of receiving the form.

Who can apply?

  • Parents
  • Carers
  • Social workers
  • School and college staff
  • Council workers

Travel Training is free for students and adults who live in Essex and receive the following from Essex County Council:

  • free home to school transport
  • post-16 transport
  • social care transport 

There is an hourly charge for those who do not get this transport.

Drop us a line if you'd like to talk about the best options for you.

Apply for Travel Training

"Our son walks to the station, gets on the train and the bus and then makes the same trip back it at the end of the day. He even helps other students when they're on the wrong platform."