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What is Travel Training?

Young male showing ticket to a member of train station staff at ticket barrier

Travel Training gives people with special educational needs or disabilities the confidence and skills to travel independently on buses, trains and walking routes.

Being able to travel on public transport is a key life skill. It lets you make choices about how you live, go about your daily life and fulfil your potential.

During training we’ll cover:

  • confidence in using buses or trains
  • personal safety
  • how to use timetables and buy tickets
  • road safety, including how to cope with traffic on major roads
  • what to do when things go wrong (e.g. the bus is late)

Learn more in our Introduction to Travel Training.

How does it work?

Our expert team of travel trainers train students and adults on a one-to-one basis. This is usually on a home to school, college or day centre journey.

A trainer will go with trainee on their journey, giving encouragement and guidance until they develop the skills to travel on their own.

A trainer will create a training plan for the trainee that meets their needs. This will take into account suitable routes.

We'll then visit you at home to chat about the plan and make sure you're happy with it. We'll ask for your consent before training starts.

Sessions usually take place once a week but this can vary. Our trainers work during the school and college holidays.

We'll give you regular feedback on their progress so you'll always know how things are going.

Drop us a line if you'd like to talk about the benefits of Travel Training or watch our short video to find out more about the service.


Apply for Travel Training

"The Essex Travel Training team recruited trainers to work in Suffolk and to date we have over 200 students travelling independently to school and college. The difference this has made to the student’s lives is immeasurable and schools, colleges and parents have been really supportive."

Suffolk County Council